Our Prices

(Available for all world banknotes)

Note Estimated Value 1 to 10 notes 10 to 50 notes Over 50 notes
From 1€ to 1000€ 15€/$18 per note 12€/$15 per note 7€/$10 per note
From 1000€ to 5000€ 25€/$30 per note 20€/$25 per note 10€/14$ per note
Over 5000€ 40€/$53 per note 35€/45$ per note 20€/30$ per note

This prices includes Graduation process, and encapsulation with label.

The normal period of certification of your note is 5 day handling time. If you want an urgently graduation in your notes with only one day handling time, special rates will be applied and the final price will be increased with a 30 % over the established price in the prices table.

This express service will be only available upon customer communication and our acceptance.

If you have any doubts or you want to send your notes, you can contact us  by mail and we would send you the necessary material to order your item.

The shipping amount of 20 €/25 $ including insurance up to 1200 € worldwide, for the European Union, please contact us, (it´s cheaper)