Graduation System

To set the most exact grade for your notes, BNG examines 110 different points. The result of the complete review, is the final grade, with a minimum grade of 4 and a maximum grade of 70, which would represent absolute perfection and total absence of manipulation. Thus we follow the world standard grading scale to grade notes

  • Colour grade
  • Centered level
  • Folds
  • Split
  • Corner tip issues (rounded, perfect)
  • Soiling, circulation mark, smudge
  • Dimensions
  • Margins status, fraying of the margins
  • Relief grade
  • Paper conservation level

Usual Advertisement (CAV Warning) :

  • ┬áSpecial Serial Number
  • Special Year
  • Stamped
  • Pin holes
  • Pressed
  • Cleaned
  • Re-Embossed
  • Discoloration
  • Strange substance

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