Grade Scale and Equivalences


70 Absolute perfection  in every posible of the note (correct dimensions, colour, centered level, folds, splits, soiling y circulation mark, margins status, absolute relief and paper level) without manipulation
65, 66, 67, 68, 69 Note with all its excellent properties, ocasionally  with imperceptible imperfections in sight , with a grade null of circulation or practically null, with a practically perfect centered level. Without folds and retains its appeal for the view. Without discolorations or marked defects and the paper status is excelent.
 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 Sharp images and brilliant colours, with all its visual appeal. The margins and corners may have small defects, but retain excellent properties. It can be a mild discoloration or some small defect, although retains its grade of circulation practically null.No visual detectable folds, being able to present  a lightly marked fold due to its limited circulation,slightly off-center in one or more margins
52, 55, 58 Note with remarkable or excellent properties, but having one or more mild folds, an only one fold as maximun. It could have one or more corners middly rounded. The centeres levelis almost perfect and status of high quality paper.
45, 50 High quality paper but with folds and one or more folds quite marked. Corners and  margins almost perfect and the posibility of a mild off-center, clearly visible.
35, 40 Note a bit circulated with folds and folds both horizontal and vertical, tone color might be slightly decreased, with corners almost perfect bot with one or more decreased corner. May have some minimun rupture.
20, 25, 30 Visibly circulated, with soiling, marks and some slightly marked bends. It could be quite off-center. Slight damage in corners and margins, visibly worn paper with some small lose or hole.
10, 12, 15 Light dirt is allowed, and small breaks in margins,. Evidence enough circulation, with many folds and with visibly diminished vitality of colour. Witth some small paper loss too.
4, 6 , 8 Note with numerous defects, due to high circulation, has no paper in some areas, with the possibility of large cracks or breaks, much dirt, discoloration and marked in its folds. Several damaged margins and corners


70 AbsoluteGemUnc
66, 67, 68, 69 SuperGemUnc
63, 64, 65 Uncirculated (Unc)
60, 61, 62 Auncirculated (Aunc)
58 Extremely Fine Plus (XF+, EF+)
55 Extremely Fine (XF, EF)
52 Extremely Fine Minus (XF-, EF-)
45, 50 Very Fine (VF)
35, 40 Fine (F)
20, 25, 30 Very Good (VG)
10, 12, 15 Good (G)
4, 6, 8 Poor (P)